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Previous Life Course students said…

Natalie and David’s willingness to be vulnerable and open about their own life journey, as well as their experience and expertise in the subject matter they presented, made this a profound and transforming time for me.

If you are looking for transformational teachings built on the rock solid foundation of Jesus, look no further than the Teleios Academy Life Course.

M Swift, 2018 Student
I didn’t think this course would be of any interest to me & only joined the first one for a look-see. Boy was I wrong!!! Relevant teaching & info that you don’t really get anywhere else. I liked the format, content & that David & Natalie are so down-to-earth, open & honest. Highly recommend this course for everyone.
J M, 2018 Student
This course is amazing how not only is it built on from week to week… But also too how they bring so many of the relevant things needed to live and grown into all we were created to be….

And I was easily able to share things from the course not only to christians but pre christians as well….

Shaz, 2018 Student
The course has been a wonderfully rich banquet of vulnerability, teaching, group chats and so much more. It has been a delight to my heart and life and has enriched my circle of influence also. I’m so grateful for you all, this has been a healthy small group experience on many levels, being online has been exactly what I’ve needed in this current season. The culture has so many options and choices, this can sometimes make opportunities as rich as these seem like part of the noise. Can I assure you, this is set apart. This is a place of safety and counter cultural-Kingdom heart that blesses, releases, enjoys, instructs, encourages. It has been practical, spiritual, wonderful. I can’t wait to sign up for next year and all that God reveals to engage with.
K B, 2018 Student

Proposed Schedule

Unit 1 – Stages of Faith Pt 1 – Feb 06
Unit 2 – Stages of Faith Pt 2 – Feb 13
Unit 3 – Stages of Life and Trauma Pt 1 – Feb 20
Unit 4 – Stages of Life and Trauma Pt 2 – Feb 27
Unit 5 – Stages of Life and Trauma Pt 3 – Mar 6
Unit 6 – Stages of Life and Trauma Pt 4 – Mar 13
Unit 7 – Mother Wounds and Blessings –  Mar 20
Unit 8 – Mother Wounds and Blessings p2 –  Mar 27
Unit 9 – Creating Joy and Eliminating Lack –  Apr 3
Unit 10 – Walking Through Church Wounds –  Apr 24
Unit 11 – Lies and Judgements – May 1st
Unit 12 – Vows and Defences – May 8th
Unit 13 – Approaching Mental Health with God – May 22nd
Unit 14 – Generational Iniquity – Healing and Exploration –  May 29th
Unit 15 -Choosing Life -Understanding Covenants with Death June 5th
Unit 16 -Demonic Attachment – Focusing on Practicality and Personhood – June 12th
Unit 17 – Prenatal Wounding – June 19th
Unit 18 – Self-Care and Sustainability – June 26th
Unit 19 – Leading to Bless – Jul 24th
Unit 20 – Rest, Sabbath and Margin – Aug 8th

– Father Wounds and Blessings
– Shame and Authenticity
– Growing Up in Alcoholic & Dysfunctional Families
– Growing Up in Alcoholic & Dysfunctional Families
– Boundaries
– Codependency and Rescuing
– Dissappoint your world and THRIVE